Hey, That’s My Business! Stop That!

Dear Joel,

  My wife, who has always enjoyed social media, has become obsessed since the pandemic. She’s joined random groups and chat rooms, swapping stories and sharing details of our life. I understand her need to connect with people, but she has no idea who these people are. When I express concern, she tells me I’m paranoid. Do you have any suggestions on how I can I get her to stop sharing?

There are plenty of ‘safe’ sites where people can connect, play games, etc. Now sounds like a good time for you to participate as well. Sit down with your wife, decide what online activities you’d like to do together, and then do a Google search. AARP.org is a great place to start, but have fun exploring. Soon you’ll be sharing common interests with couples from all over the country.

  Thank you for writing.

  Joel Markel

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