Bathroom Manners Down The Drain

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Dear Joel,

Why are men so irritating in the bathroom! My husband always leaves his whiskers in the sink, never puts the seat down, and throws wet towels on the floor. It drives me mad! He also swears he doesn’t drink out of cartons in the refrigerator, but I catch him all the time. And he puts empty bottles back, like I’m supposed to consider them a prize when I find them. These little things get me upset all day. Can you ask the men to stop doing things like that.


I think you did a pretty good job yourself. I don’t know why some men behave that way, but I learned a long time ago that there is truth in the phrase ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’. To the fellow gents out there I suggest you get a glass, pick up the towels, and put the seat down. And wives, husbands respond to positive reinforcement. Instead of yelling, make him follow you in the bathroom and watch you clean up after him. When he does it himself, tell him he’s wonderful and that you appreciate his courtesy, then get two glasses and have a lemonade together. It may take some work, but you may get him to change after all.

Joel Markel

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