A Grandparent’s Dilemma – To Follow Or Not

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Dear Joel,

  Our son and his wife who were recently transferred to South Carolina for my son’s job, just informed my wife and I that we are about to be first-time grandparents. My wife, who does not want to be a long-distance grandparent now wants to move to South Carolina. Although we have been contemplating leaving NJ for some time, South Carolina was not on our list of possibilities. How can I convince her that we can’t follow our kids around the country?


Mazel tov to you and your family! It’s understandable that your wife wants to be a hands-on grandmother, but that may not always be possible. Your son’s job transferred him once, it could happen again, and someday your daughter may have a family of her own. Family is everything, but you and your wife should put your needs first and move to a place that best suits you. Finding that place somewhere between NJ and South Carolina may be the best solution, with lots of visits planned. Can you think of anything better for a kid than going to stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s house?

  Thank you for writing.

  Joel Markel

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