Business Profile: Ocean Medical Group Takes Care Of You

Dr. Karambir Dali sees a patient at his practice at the Ocean Medical Group in Whiting. (Photo by Bob Vosseller)

  Ocean Medical Group owner, Dr. Karambir Dali and his staff make it a point to provide their patients with complete care.

  Thanks to Ocean Medical Group’s hybrid model, patients receive the benefits of combined primary care and urgent care to give you one familiar facility and staff to assist with your medical needs.

  Dr. Dalal’s unique combination of decisiveness and flexibility has benefitted his patients. The physician has an interesting past. He grew up in in India and after graduating from medical school there in 1991.

  “I was all set to go into the Indian Army as a doctor and had already taken my boards and physical.”


  Fate and romance intervened however, “I met my wife. We ended up getting married, and that changed the whole plan,” he said. She had spent most of her life in America, and he decided to join her. After  he moved to America, Dr. Dalal studied for and passed the US Medical Licensing Examination board exams, and then did his residency at UMDNJ from 1994-1997.

  The doctor worked his way up to Chief Resident before heading down to the Toms River and Whiting area, where he would end up buying Ocean Medical Group in 2004. He supervised the practice’s changeover to a hybrid model.

  Dr. Dalal has clinical experience from the emergency room at University Hospital and he has also served as voluntary Chairman for the Department of Medicine at Community Medical Center for six years and currently serves as treasurer.

  Ocean Medical Group is a top-notch facility including Dr. Dalal, Dr. Salma Haque (who has over 30 years of experience in Ocean County), Nurse Practitioners Kaitlyn Howard, Sofia Gamizova and Navdeep Chharan.

  The doctor noted that having an experienced group is essential both to show a familiar face to their regular patients and also to keep up with the urgent care side of the practice.

  While you can keep regularly scheduled appointments with Dr. Dalal, they’re also open seven days a week and are equipped with urgent care capabilities so that when something happens, you don’’t necessarily need to vastly overpay for a visit to the emergency room or hospital admission. “We’re able to take care of any minor emergencies including cuts, sprains, minor surgery, and ultrasounds.” In addition, they provide memory testing, EKG, and of course routine physicals. It’s that wide variety of care that’s always appealed to Dr. Dalal from his days in the ER to today.

  Another way to make every day a little different is to make conversation with his primary care patients, who make up the bread and butter of the practice. The doctor-patient relationship here definitely promotes the patients ‘health first and foremost, but it is also quite friendly.

  “When I’m in the room with the patient, the patient controls the time; I don’t control the time. I don’t say, “well your time is over, next,” he joked. Dr. Dalal often finds himself and his patients discussing social issues and other topics not rigidly tied to medicine, but this helps build a rapport with them, which in turn builds trust.”

Ocean Medical Group owner, Dr. Karambir Dali joins staff members in the waiting room of their Whiting based office. (Photo by Bob Vosseller)

  One example Dr. Dalal recalled that represents the trust patients have in Ocean Medical Group concerned a cancer survivor and the primary caretaker for his wife, who suffers from dementia. He came in one day very weak and dehydrated. They gave him IV fluids in the office and he felt better.

  After performing some blood work, they called the patient in the next day to inform him that he was going into kidney failure. They gave him more fluids and an EKG to check his heart. The patient ended up having to come into the office four times in one week, but he ended up back to his baseline and his kidneys returned to normal.

  Without Ocean Medical Group, the patient would have to have been admitted to a hospital for at least a week, at a cost of thousands of dollars. More importantly, he would have been unable to care for his wife while he was being treated in the hospital.

  Ocean Medical Group allowed the patient to maintain his daily routine, even while he was recovering from a serious ailment. Should they need to refer you to any out-of-office care, “we follow the patient wherever the patient goes,” Dr. Dalal added,

  It’s easy to make an appointment? Call 732-849-1075, or stop by if you feel it can’t wait. Ocean Medical Group is open seven days a week, Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The practice is located at 401 Lacey Road, Suite B in the Whiting section of Manchester Township.

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